Dr. Kjerstin Gruys is a Postdoctoral  Scholar (by courtesy) at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University. Beginning January 2017 she will be an Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of Nevada-Reno. 

Kjerstin's research broadly explores the relationship between physical appearance and social inequality, with a particular focus on gender as it intersects with race/ethnicity, class, sexuality, and age. She has specific expertise in: (1) Labor Market Inequality & "Aesthetic Labor," (2) Intersections between Bodies/Embodiment and Cultural Markets, and (3) How News Reporting on Obesity & Eating Disorders Shapes Prejudice and Health Behaviors. Her research - empirically grounded through ethnography, in-depth interviews, content analysis, and the occasional experiment - has been published in Social Problems and Social Science & Medicine, among others. Prior to earning her PhD from UCLA (2014), Kjerstin worked as a merchandiser in the corporate offices of two multi-national fashion firms.  She is currently developing a book manuscript, tentatively titled: True to Size?: A Social History of Clothing Size Standards in the U.S. Fashion Industry.